— Our Philosophy —

Czech Republic has been known for many years for its goalies quality and as a result Czech goalies were being awarded as the best ones at World Championships and many of them could be seen playing NHL. Unfortunately, goalies quality and whole Czech hockey has been stagnating for some years now. What was good before is not good anymore and many countries are way ahead with their training. We acknowledge the issues and want to move forward on our own terms, not as a copy of the strategy from abroad. We prefer individual approach based on few goalies per one coach. We include traditional techniques as well as the newest ones. We connect specific and non-specific preparation. Only that way we can reach complex skills of goalies, as its the most valued in the whole hockey world.

Individual approach to each client is one of the things that sets us ahead of our competition.

We are able to build personal training to goalie of every age and level!


— Our story —

The idea behind Goalie Service project was to spread the philosophy of a complex goalie training. Petr Přikryl, goalie that was playing in the top league for many years brings his practical experiences, Vladimír Dohnal, who has been working as a goalie trainer since 2001 brings practical as well as theoretical experiences gained by his studies at university. Combination of those two experienced people, who have been active in a field for many years gave life to this unique combination of theory and practice. Roman Málek, one of the best Czech goalies who ended his professional career joined our team as a trainer in 2015.

Trainers on the first GS summer camp with professional goalie Marek Schwarz.