Do you need to improve your skills on ice?

- On-ice a.k.a. specific training -

Specific training is focusing on: skating (special goalie skating, skillful, skating as a part of game endurance) save technique (butterfly, semi-butterfly, VH, slide, stack, glove saves), stick technique (stick handling, puck stopping, passing, collaboration with defense), solving game situations (breakaway, outnumbering, short-handed game), covering the shooting angles (special GS positioning).

Still missing something?

- Off-ice a.k.a. non-specific training -

Non-specific training is focusing on: universal body movement, special goalie exercises to improve speed, coordination and strength (secondarily endurance), flexibility improvement (goalie's stretching). All is uniquely processed for specific goalie movement.

Another training possibilities 

- Training on synthetic ice and training with shooting machine   -

Synthetic ice training is great variation especially with individual training. It also has higher requirements on skating technique and strength that goalie needs to showcase on this surface. It's also great to improve specific technique and specific conditioning. Shooting machine training is important to improve catching technique of upper arms. It is also used to train the speed skills.

Let's work on details! 

- Video-analysis -

Video-analysis pushes the training level and goalie's skills. This method offers full range of advantages: video-analysis right at the training - immediate feedback and fixing faults (ideal in individual training), detailed feedback afterwards and feedback from the games. Game is recorded on cameras or tablets, for the feedback itself special programs with possibility to slowdown and draw the components.

What is being forgotten? 

- Tactical and psychological preparation -

Many goalies are greatly prepared by technical aspect - they can do the saves, their physical condition is on a good level but they don't know how to use this in game. This might be caused by shortcomings in physiological or tactical preparation. All of our trainers can help the client in area of reading the game, positioning in the game and psychological preparation for a game.

You need some new gear and have no idea what?

- Advice with selection and buying the equipment -

What brand and size of your goalie pads to get? Which type is the best for your style? What length of a hockey stick you need? What is the correct way of dressing up in your gear and how to set up everything? We are ready to help.

Are you professionals and want to have long-term cooperation?

- Training plans and long-term concepts -

Best case scenario, goalie goes up one level by another. To help you, we will create training plan for the whole-year training cycle or each part of season. We offer this option to individuals, training groups and whole clubs. Another option is to create full training concept, training lead and methodic plan.

We are here for you

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We provide wide range of services thanks to the practical and theoretical experiences from the our professional careers.