— Summer Camp 2020- all places occupied —

What: goalie camp Goalie Service

For who: for goalies of all ages (we provide one trainer for three goalies); we have now also groups and program  for players!

When: 12.7. to 17.7.2020

Where: Prague ZS Eden (Slavia Prague)

Contents: special goalie trainings on-ice and off-ice(every day 2x on-ice and 2x off-ice sessions), video analysis, movement abilities developed with our own method (based on complexity and different tasks), technical and tactical preparation for goalies, psychological preparation. All with individual approach!

Camp's focus: on-ice - skating (special goalie skating, powerskating for goalies, skating as a part of game endurance), save technique (butterfly, half-fly, VH, RVH slide, TP-stack, glove saves), stick technique (stick handling, puck stopping, passing, collaboration with defense), solving game situations (breakaways, renumbering, SH game), covering the shooting angles (special GS positioning). Off-ice - universal body movement, special goalie exercises to improve speed, coordination and strength (secondarily endurance), flexibility improvement (goalie's stretching), regeneration both physical and mental strength (swimming, laser-game or other additional program) and lots of fun and games throughout the camp! 

Coaches: Petr Přikryl, Vladimír Dohnal, Roman Málek, Martin Michajlov, Jakub Skuhrovec, Filip Šindelář, Stanislav Věchet, Josef Havel, Antonín Hoffman, Daniel Vecka, Roman Málek ml., Jakub Fürst, Jakub Šulc, Lukáš Špelda a and others according to number of clients (all of them meet the requirements for Goalie Service methods).

Camp's guest: last year we had visits from these people who shared their experiences and trained with us: Dominik Hašek, David Rittich, Tomáš Pöpperle, Lukáš Musil. We are still discussing the names for this year.

Accommodation and food: to be added

Food: breakfast, 2x snack, lunch, dinner every day. Drinks also provided throughout the day.

Price: 350 EURO without accommodation (lunch and snacks included), 500 EURO with accommodation and all day food (for accomodation and eating for parents please contact us). Transport from and to the Prague airport 20 EURO/person.

Capacity: 54 goalies/12 players.

What is included: complete program of the camp, including accommodation (5 nights starting on Sunday), food (starting on Sunday's dinner) and drinks throughout the whole camp, special jersey in Goalie Service design, t-shirt and a hat (or different kind of gift) Goalie Service, small gifts from sponsors.

What to take with you: hockey equipment and sticks, workout clothes (shorts, t-shirts, jackets, sneakers), swimsuit, towel, flip-flops, skipping rope, hockey water bottle, health insurance, parent's phone contact.

Signing in: use our reservation system at www.goalieservice.cz. More information at goalieservice@gmail.com or at our phone numbers.

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